Imagine An Answer exists because our son, Clay, was diagnosed with brain cancer at age three. 

Since then, we have witnessed firsthand the devastation this disease inflicts on patients and their families:

  • Outdated, ineffective treatments that rob the patient of a decent quality of life
  • Around-the-calendar MRIs and blood tests
  • A decreased immune system that makes the patient more susceptible to an array of other illnesses, and
  • A myriad of painful and debilitating side effects 

This never-ending cycle of tests, treatments and time spent recovering from surgeries deprives diagnosed children of their childhood. 

We have watched our son suffer through this disease for almost 9 years. Most devastating of all, we could not stop the tumor from taking his eyesight.

We need an answer.
Imagine an Answer. 


– Mary & J.D. Derderian