Lil Goblin Host Committee

 Andy and Allison Halatei
Bob and Greer Lautrup
Cindy Nachman-Senders and John Rosen
Clay and Sarah Alspach
Consolidated Fibers – Bob Kunik
Dave Ong
Delegate Emily and Ash Shetty
Eric and Ann Berger
Eric Wohlschlegel and Jason Vita
Erin and Matt Strawn
Gary and Sue Andres
JD and Mary Derderian
Jason and Kristina Mulvihill
Jeffrey MacKinnon
Jim and D’Arcy Kirkland
Joe and Kristen Rachinsky
Joe and Sandy Corish
John and Christina Gungoll Lepore

 Jonathan Kling
Joseph Sandri Family
Justin and Stephanie Lilley
Kelly Chapman
Lawrence Jackson and Alicia Leahy-Jackson
Linda Bloss-Baum and Rich Baum
Mike Flood
Mike Losch
Neil and Emily Goetzman
Ted Buckley and Sam Roberson
Ted Kratovil
The Egge and Pizzano Families
The Honorable Henry Waxman
The Honorable Joe and Casey Crowley
The Honorable Mike O’Rielly
The Honorable Richard Russell and Lynley Ogilvie
The Honorable Robert and Jennifer McDowell
Vanessa and David Forsythe

 Current Sponsors

Cinderella’s Carriage

 Sachdev Family Foundation

Ghost Rider

 The Derderian Family


Jumping Jack

Brian and Carol Duggan


 Furchtgott-Roth Economic Enterprises
The Honorable John Rutherford
Chris and Kristen Leahy

Sugar Pie

David and Mary Houston Cavicke
Dan and Michelle Gillick
Max and Maggie Grant
Peter and Caroline Jones Hubbell
Justin and Stephanie Lilley
Cliff and Julie Riccio
Joe Stanko and Dede Spitznagel

Lil’ Goblin

Pacific Dental Services
Consolidated Fibers
Babst Calland Attorneys at Law