FDA Commissioner, Legislators Join Imagine An Answer

Leaders from across the policy-making arena expressed their bi-partisan commitment to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer at a special presentation and reception hosted by Imagine An Answer on September 12. Nearly 200 people supported the event. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Waldennoted that pediatric cancer research receives only a sliver of federal cancer research funding. Both Chairman Walden and Senate Appropriations Vice Chairman Patrick Leahy reaffirmed the vital urgency of research aimed at combating kids’ brain cancer. Senator Leahy and Chairman Walden were joined by the Honorable Scott Gottlieb, M.D., Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. Commissioner Gottlieb, a cancer survivor himself, shared new FDA initiatives designed to improve the drug approval and clinical trial processes, which are vital for patients fighting cancer. The three leaders pledged to work together to improve research and efforts to find a cure. The event highlighted the real-life impact of cancer from the perspective of kids battling PLGA, a rare form of kids’ brain cancer. Commenting on the event, 12-year-old Clay Derderian said: “I am glad Dr. Gottlieb is helping us to raise awareness. I've met a lot of kids fighting cancer. Kids with brain tumors need better medicine so we don't feel sick all the time or lose our sight, like I did.”