Every month symbolizes a cause these days, and May is Brain Tumor Awareness month.  Having a son with a brain tumor of course makes my perspective on awareness invalid.  However, my friends have their own sad stories of loved ones lost to brain tumors, and the news is full of stories of brain tumor victims.  What we need is funding for research to create medicine for better outcomes for brain tumor victims.  4% of all NIH funding goes to pediatric cancer overall; a mere fraction of that is for pediatric brain cancer, even though today it is the leading cause of pediatric deaths.

One story about a family’s fight for their son with a brain tumor got picked up by CBS News recently; they gave $10 million to doctors to find a cure for his disease.  They estimate it will take $250 million more to cure this disease.  They are asking Jeff Bezos for the loan.  You can read the story here: http://canceragogo.com/advancing-a-pediatric-brain-cancer-cure.  We are fighting our own battle against this terrible disease.  With your help we are pushing for more options, for less toxic treatments that have less devastating side effects.  But we still have a long way to go; parents of brain tumor children wear gray every day.


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